How To Improve your Android Battery Lifetime?

Android Battery Lifetime –¬†Today, Smartphone users are millions in number. Each and every person is carrying an Android Phone. It’s like a pocket friend. Most of the works are getting done easily with the help of Smart Device. But only problem is with battery life. Current battery life is not at all enough to use the device for a day continuously. A nightly phone recharge is not sufficient to use Smartphone anytime.

Earlier, the phones we were getting come with very good battey life. But functionalities of the mobile phone were less. Today, functionalities of phone are taking a very high turn up and battery life is taking a turn down completely. Phone is becoming very thin with small size batteries while giving more space for other things. Also, the screen sizes are becoming larger day-to-day. Indeed, devices are running faster comparing to the earlier ones. All these factors equally responsible for the reduction of battery life.

Android Battery Life

Moreover, move from 3G network to 4G network is also playing the most important role in the reduction of battery life. Keeping all these considerations in view, in this article we are giving you few useful tips and tricks to improve Android Battery Lifetime. Follow the post and save battery usage on your Smart devices now.

Tips to Improve Android Battery Lifetime

To improve the Android battery lifetime of your handset, go through the complete post and follow the tips. Running out of battery is must frustrating thing when there is a need of your Smartphone.

Tip 1: Check which apps are consuming more battery

On your Android device, go to Settings option >> Then go to battery >> Check which applications or functions are consuming maximum amount of your gadget’s battery. Indeed, you can see the list in descending order of apps which breakdown maximum battery. If you really feel respective application is important, then keep it. Otherwise, remove it. Because you may hardly use it or sometime never. Just turn-off such feature on your device.

Tip 2: Try to reduce the applications which run on background

On your Android Smartphone, go to Settings >> Applications >> Here, you can see all the applications which are running on the line. Click on specific apps and check the functionality. If you find any sort of applications which run uselessly, then try to stop them. This particular try may improve battery life of your device.

Android Battery Life

Tip 3: Turn down Polling on Email, Facebook, as well as, Twitter

Usually, you may set most of the messaging applications in automatic mode. Instead of going for auto-mode, start using the apps in manual mode for refresh or polling frequency. This tip will turn your device’s battery life much better. ¬†Whereas, if you have any important messaging apps which you need for sure, then keep those specific apps in auto-mode.

Tip 4: Make use of extra power (battery) saving option on your device

Today, most of the smartphones come with extra power saving modes. If you enable this specific mode, then it set limits for calling, messaging, browsing on the web, Facebook, and so on. So this mode can reduce the extra usage of your Android device. Also, it may turn down the standby time of the device. For sure, this trick helps more to enhance the battery life of your Android device. Give a try !! Ultra Power Savings increase battery points.

Tip 5: Make sure to update the applications on your Smartphone timely

In this tech era, ample apps pop-out daily. Most of the latest version of applications come with settings to use less battery. So take proper care and update all the apps on your device time to time. Though you set auto-update option on your Android device, few apps may require manual updates too. So go to Google Play Store on your device and then for any updates available. This tip improve the battery life to maximum percent.

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