Best Call Blocking Apps for Android – 7 Free call blocker apps

Call Blocking Apps for Android: In today’s techno world everything is possible with the smartphones. There is no other thing which we can not do with the Android devices. We can do anything with the Android mobiles. Nowadays most of the users are facing the problem with the unknown calls, and hence the Call Blocking Apps for Android are the best Apps to block the irritating calls. Thankfully a lot of Android call blocking apps have released into the market to be away from the unwanted calls on the Android devices. Here on this page, you can find the best call blocking Apps for the Android devices as well.

Call Blocking Apps for Android

Call Blocking Apps for Android

These Call blocking App are freely available for the Android. And these apps will have the complete control over the incoming calls. They block the unwanted calls and keeps them on the rejected list. We can create the blacklist for the phone numbers. Hence the call blocking apps will start blocking the mobile numbers which are on the black list. Therefore this page will guide you how to use the call blocking Apps for the Android devices.


Call Blocking Apps for Android

Truecaller is one of the calls blocking apps which is available in the Google Play Store. This App has got more than 100 million downloads. It is one of the trending apps these days, and it has an excellent database of mobile numbers. And it blocks the unwanted calls with either spam or unsolicited numbers. It is the replacement of the phone app, and it is said to be a good all-rounder.

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free is the best call blocking apps which exist today. And it helps in blocking the unwanted calls, messages, and SMS. And also we can choose the particular numbers and then add them to the white list. There are four modes available in the Call Block Free apps, and we can choose which mode we want. Using the settings options, we can block the phones and the notifications.


Call Blocking Apps for Android

Like other Apps, this Mr.Number is the Android App which offers the reliable database of the predetermined spam or the unknown callers. Mr.Number can block the unwanted calls and messages. Finally, it is one of the apps which is used for blocking the unwanted calls. It might not be powerful, but it has it own functionalities. With its advanced call blocking features, it allows blocking the calls with in a specific area and code.

Safest Call Blocker

Call Blocking Apps for Android

This safest Call blocker is an ad supported call blocker which comes with the premium versions. It helps in removing those ads, and it keeps changes them as quick as possible, and it is simple to use this app. It is one of the popular Call Blocking Apps for Android. We can easily add the numbers to the block list from the contact list or the call logs and also we can block the last calls. If you receive the calls from the anonymous numbers then simply tap on the ‘add’ option, and it automatically adds to the block list.

Call Blacklist

Call Blocking Apps for Android

The Call Blacklist is the call and as well as the SMS blocker which blocks the calls and the SMS from the unknown mobile numbers. And if you want to use only the call blocking features then we can decline the chance and choose only the call blocking option. Just remove the texting app and activate the call blocking feature. It allows blocking the calls from the contacts, message logs and as well as on the call logs. Unfortunately, if you block the significant number, then you can add those numbers to the whitelist so that they can never block in any case.

Extreme Call Blocker

Call Blocking Apps for Android

The extreme call blocker is the professional call blocking apps on the android devices. It integrates the spam list and as well as it allows the users to create their blocklists to block friends, family, etc. The reviews in the Play Store says that it supports the latest version of the Android devices. Extreme Call Blocker is the best app for Call Blocking Apps for Android.

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