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Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend: Are you looking for Cute Nick names to call your boyfriends??? Here are the hundreds of best and popular nick names to call your sweetheart. If you and your loved ones are the kinds of the couple who like to call each other with cute nick names, then it may be difficult to come up with the original new ones. And the people who want new ones now and then, or settle that excellent, lovely Nick name. This article is very helpful for the people who are searching browsing the internet for Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend.

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Many users are browsing the internet for the best nick names to call their boy friends. Here, in the below data, you can find the lots of lovely nick names to call your boyfriend. People who are suffering from searching the Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend, and you cannot seem to find a perfect name to call your boyfriend, then check the below sections to select the perfect and lovely nickname to your loved ones.

Lovely Names for Your Boyfriend

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Adorable – simply, lovely, sweet and straightforward name to call your boyfriend; add another descriptive word like, “hunk”.

Baby – my love, my darling.

Baby Boo – romantic name to call your sweet boyfriend.

Agapi Mou – is Greek for “My Love”, perfect pet name to tell him he is the love of your life.

Cuddly – If your boyfriend loves to cuddle.

Liljay – a famous rapper; one who is street-smart and talented. Lil- Joseph. You can adapt this for any guy, “Lil-name.”

Dreamboat – If he is the man of your dreams.

Prince – This cute nickname will put your guy above all others. It would give him the feeling of “Knight in Shining Armor“.

Sugar Pie – If your boyfriend is as sweet as sugar.

Sugar Daddy – Perfect name for that disco dude in your story.

Baby butter fingers – an adorable goof; perfect for a guy who is a little clumsy, but hugely charming.

Romeo – Because he is the hero of your love story.

Huckleberry – cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s precisely the man of your dreams.

Huggies – An adorable pet name for a boy you just want to hug forever.

Huggy Bear – guy whom you cannot resist hugging; attractive and huggable.

Amante – means “Lover” in Spanish. This nickname tells him he’ sexy in a sexy language.

My King – As for how you dream to be a princess, your boyfriend will dream to be your king too.

Romantic Names to Your Sweetheart

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Bam Bam – mix of cocaine and gunpowder; a good nickname for a guy that rocks your world.

Bambi – Disney character. A cute nickname for a boy with a kind heart.

Sweet Cheeks – Call your guy this way if he has an irresistible kissy face.

Sugar Bear – For a chubby sweet hug-gable boyfriend.

Banana Boo – nice nickname for cute ass man.

Mr. Cool – He is always cool. Places, people, situations, nothing can annoy him.

Bubba – good name for a loving and trustworthy guy.

Bubble Buns – cute buns (buttocks), very attractive.

Major – impressive in strength and gallantry; a man who knows how to make a woman feel loved.

Doodles – cool nickname for a cute and funny guy.

Ducky – one whom you find cute and playful.

Bubbles – cool nickname for an amusing guy.

Bubbly – effervescent, vibrant personality.

Moo – name of a drug that produces hallucinations; here, one who so sexy that makes you see things.

Bubloo – nicknames for guys that are sweet, easygoing and friendly.

Papito – Fits a hot man.

Bea – sweet nickname for the most precious guy in your life.

Bear – affectionate nickname for a big and cuddly man.

Funny Nick Names to Your Boyfriend

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Bibbles – an alteration of “bubbles” to make the nickname fresh and unique; meaning full of joy and exuberance.

Hugster / Huggy Bear – If he is a great hugger and long to hug you as if it’s the last time.

HeartBreaker – If your guy is “Most Wanted” among the women because he is amazingly beautiful.

Big boy – a guy who knows what he’s doing, who you trust.

Honey Bear/Honey Bunch – For a guy who is sickeningly sweet like a bottle of honey.

Big Guy – nicknames for boys that are huge, tall and handsome.

Bitsy – A good nickname for a man of small stature.

Blossoms – affectionate nicknames for a sweet boy.

Invincible – Because he is unbeatable.

Boo thang – a friend with benefits.

Bossman – boyfriend who is bossy, but you like it that way.

Bre Bre – sexy and cute, irresistible.

Cuddle Muffin – Perfect name for your regular cuddle buddy.

Bright eyes – intelligent, heart-penetrating eyes.

Brown eyes – calm and hard to anger.

Brown sugar – Latino hunk.

Treasure – If you find him a treasure of your life.

Brushcchi – name of a professional football player who won three Super Bowl rings.

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