Best DNR Servers for Gaming – Top 5 DNS Alternatives

DNR Servers for Gaming: Are you looking for the DNR Servers for Gaming??? Then here you can collect the top 5 DNS alternatives. DNS (Domain Name System) is the special technology which is used to assign the domain name to the public service. And it is also used for managing the public DNS servers. This DNS saves all the internet domains and all the public websites. This DNS technology is very helpful for the people who want to type the domain name into the web browser. And the system will find your website and immediately it shows it. DNS is the best platform where you can join in the DNS (Domain Name System) where all the global domain names are stored.

DNR Servers for Gaming – Top 5 DNS Alternatives

Collection of the DNS server is the best feature in the DNS. The special purpose networking databases contain where you will be able to see all the domains in the IP address for helping the internet hosts. And the DNS also connect to the PC when the other server is using the mobile app. With the help of the IP Address, it connects from one server to another server. Many people are looking for the DNR Servers for Gaming. For the sake of the users here I have given the best alternatives to DNS.

1. Google DNS

DNR Servers for Gaming

Google DNS is one of the primary DNS servers, and it comes from the Google which is used to make the web secure and faster. This Google DNS has started in the years of 2009. Google DNS is the best and the largest DNS server in the world. By using the Google DNS, you can easily change your IP address. After changing the DNS server ISP’s DNS to the Google Public DNS, then the speed will be maximized, and it enhances your security. And this Google DNS will secure you from the DNS cache.

2. OpenDNS

DNR Servers for Gaming

People who are looking to get more control on the DNS without the DNS replacement, they can use this OpenDNS. OpenDNS is the best alternatives of the DNS server. And the OpenDNS provides you the complete enhanced control and the security than the default one. You can also use the premium version of the OpenDNS to get the full fledged protection. Personal as well as Business DNS servers are available in this OpenDNS. You can select anyone option to get the features.

3. Comodo Secure DNS

DNR Servers for Gaming

Comodo Secure DNS is also one of the best domain name servers available to the users which will give you the security, safety, and reliability. Comodo Secure DNS provides the better performance without the domains. It uses the powerful network and it consists a huge number of servers. Comodo Secure DNS works very effectively towards the blocks and threats. And it also protects you from the damage. In this Comodo Secure DNS, you will be able to create the blocklist of the Deceptive pages and sites, and it never allows you to visit the blocked sites again.

4. Norton ConnectSafe

DNR Servers for Gaming

Norton ConnectSafe is the best DNS server, and it is mainly used for the complete protection of the web. It also gives the best experience with its three different variants for protecting. And you can choose any of the variants to protect your self. You can use this Norton ConnectSafe for free of cost, and it works perfectly.

5. OpenNIC DNS

DNR Servers for Gaming

OpenNIC is the best DNS service provider which you can use it for free of cost. Everyone can use this OpenNIC very easily. OpenNIC is very useful for the people to step out from the ISP DNS Hijacking. In this OpenNIC, you will be able to see many options to find the best server which is near to the action. And it provides the maximum speed, and it reduces the loading time.

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