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Equalizer Apps for Android: Hello folks we are back again with the most amazing article. Android devices are always funny about the equalizers. The operating systems support the equalizer for a while, and these Equalizer Apps for Android are the best sources to improve the performance of the music. We may listen to the music with different sounds because the google play music has no native equalizer. And as well as there exist the global equalizers for the Android devices but the important thing is that the non-system level permissions prevent it from being truly effective.  If you are an Android user who is very fond of music, then you must have the Equalizer Apps for your Android device.

Equalizer Apps for Android

Equalizer Apps for Android

The Android market is the full of different apps and as well as the music equalizers. When you are seeing the hundreds of options it becomes hard to choose the best one. Hence to help out you from this situation we have gathered all the information about the best equalizers apps for the Android. And choose the best equalizer apps from the below list. Have a good music experience and enter into the new level of music.

Music Volume EQ

Equalizer Apps for Android

The Music Volume EQ is readily available on the Google Play Store, and it is known as the best equalizer apps for the Android device. It is a free app, and the nine preset EQ profiles help in choosing the option of customizing the profiles which you want. It is also having the bass boost and virtualizer, and the best thing is that the Android music equalizer allows the users to add the widgets to the mobile screen for the quick and easy process.


Equalizer Apps for Android

It is the other best equalizer for the Android devices which allows improving the sound quality for the music player. Equalizer provides the eleven different default settings which configure the style. And a five band equalizer is the best one for listening to the best music. Using the home screen widget we can improve the sound quality of the Android device very quickly and conveniently. We can install the App from the Play Store.

10 Band Equalizer

The 10 band Equalizer is exactly having the ten bands and the specialty is that it is having more bands compared to the other equalizers. It adjusts the frequency from 31HZ to 16KHZ with a wide range of 10dB to -10dB. And it is having the built-in music player which works well with all the other music players as well.

Bass Booster

Equalizer Apps for Android

This Bass Booster has a lot of robust features which amplifies the sound quality which you have never heard about it. It has five band equalizers with 20 presets which we can choose among them. Bass booster is the most brilliant equalizer App for the Android which delivers the high-end products. Users can customize the sound quality as per the specific requirements. Downloading the Bass Booster on the Android device is free.

Equalizer FX

Equalizer Apps for Android

The Equalizer FX is the modern equalizer Apps which is easy to use. It has the five band equalizer, bass boost, virtualization with a loudness enhancer. And the paid version is same as the free version, but the difference is that it removes the advertisements. The developers have stated that this app should work with the music players including Spotify, Pandora, and as well as the google play music, etc.

Music Equalizer

Equalizer Apps for Android

It is the another equalizer app for hearing the good quality of the music. The users have a same kind of features which includes the five band equalizer, bass booster, and also a virtualizer. Music Equalizer includes the ten presets with four-by-one widget etc. This is available for free, and it uses 1.99 dollars for the paid version to remove the ads.

AnEq Equalizer

This is the another addition of the top 10 best equalizers for the Android devices. AnEq Equalizer has the five different band equalizers with specific presets which runs perfectly on the Android devices. AnEq is having both free and paid versions with minimal difference in the features and the specifications. The user interface is easy to understand and check out the best Equalizer Apps for Android.

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