How to Find Lost Android Mobile Phone and Locate/Trace with GPS

Find Lost Android Mobile – Have you lost your Phone? Worrying about it? Don’t worry now.. GPS tech is there for you. You can track any mobile phone and you can locate the pinpoint of it accurately. Also, if you wish to follow someone, you can make use of GPS tracking system. But only thing is the technique to find your personal phone is different from the technique to track some other person’s phone. However, you can keep monitoring any mobile phone with the help of GPS tracking system successfully.

In the growing technology, there exist millions of solutions for a problem. To trace a phone, you can get hundreds of applications from the tech market. GPS tracking application is one among the best applications. To monitor or track different phones, you need to follow different methods using the application. i.e., to find a lost iPhone, you have to follow different steps. Also, to find an android phone, you need to make use of different procedure. In this article, you can get the way to Find Lost Android Mobile successfully using the GPS tracking application.

Find Lost Android Mobile

How to Find Lost Android Mobile?

Moreover, GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the popular radio navigating system which works depending on the space. Originally, the GPS system works under the governance of United States of America Government. Indeed, the US Air Force operates GPS. On the line, it’s the most reliable global navigating satellite system which offers Geo-location as well as information on time to any of the GPS receiver. Notably, the GPS receiver can be anywhere on the Earth or else it can be near to the Earth.

Today, most of the users are preferring Android Smartphone. So if it’s lost for any reason, then you no need to worry. With the help of GPS System, you can trace your mobile phone easily.

Steps to find the lost Android Smartphone

Here’s a simple and neat process to find lost Android Mobile using GPS tracking system.

Step 1 : Open Device Manager on your Android Smartphone

It’s notable that device manager on Android Phone is a great tool which allows you to track your lost Android Smartphone or Android Device. You can successfully access Android Device Manager via a web browser. Or else, you can download Device Manager for Android Platform on your device. Otherwise, you can transfer Android Device Manager from one Android device to the other.

Find Lost Android Mobile

Step 2 : Log on to Android Device Manager

By following the Step 1, you might have installed Device Manager for Android on your device. Locate it using any available file explorer on Smartphone. Choose it and open. When you open Android Device Manager for the first time, it asks you to log in by making use of your Google Account credentials. Enter your username as well as respective password. You have make sure that the Google Account you use here should be the same one which you were using on the lost Android device.

Find Lost Android Mobile

Step 3 : Track your lost Android Phone / Android Device

Once you log in successfully using your Google Account credentials, then the Android Device Manager tries to locate your lost device. At the middle of the map, you can see the last location of your lost Android Smartphone. Moreover, the details of your device will be displayed in a small window which will be in the top left corner.

Find Lost Android Mobile

Step 4 : Go for choosing any action

There exist different set of actions which you can select to find your lost Android Phone, such as:

  • Lock – It’s an option which sets a private lock code to your device. It stops the others from using your phone. They cannot access it until they know the new lock password. Also, you can make the inclusion of a message which will get display on your device’s lock screen.
  • Ring – Moreover, this option will make your lost Android Phone ring while making it so easy to trace if it’s available nearby.
  • Erase – This option will erase complete data from your Android Phone if it’s fully lost. Indeed, erase option is irreversible. So take care before choosing for this specific action.

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