How To Play PS3 Games On Windows PC?

Play PS3 Games On Windows – Today, most of the users are going crazy for the play station games. They have been playing different play station games over PSP, PS3, PS1, as well as, PS2 on gaming consoles. In this tech world, you might have hundreds of busy schedules. You may not able to spend much time for playing games. But when you play a game on your favorite console gives you maximum satisfaction, right !! Keeping in view your situations and needs, in this article, we are giving the step-by-step procedure to play the PS3 Games over Windows PC.

Frankly speaking, the play station games work more awesome comparing to the games which are available on the desktop system. They come with most powerful features like graphics, interesting levels which attract all the types of gaming lovers. You are well known that most of the gaming lovers like hard-cores like to play the play station games. Even the latest released famous game is also available over PS3, PSP, besides XboX type of gaming consoles first. And then they come for PC. Well, go through the complete post and get the steps to Play PS3 games on Windows PC.

Play PS3 Games on Windows

Play PS3 Games On Windows

On the line, gaming consoles cost more. They are so expensive to buy. It’s not good to spend lots and lots of money to buy a gaming console. So, a good idea is to buy a smartphone or PC or laptop or tablet like devices and play the games. However, it is not going to satisfy your passion for gaming.

In this post, we are giving a really cool way for running play station games on the Windows desktop system. Make use of this method and play almost all the play station games on your Windows PC without installing any kind of other hardware. Moreover, you need to have a fast working system which runs on Windows OS with a very good graphic card, as well as, the latest graphic drivers, also DirectX.

How To Play PS3 Games over your Windows Desktop System?

Here’s a simple process to Play PS3 Games on Windows PC. By making use of PS3 Emulator, you can emulate all the PS3 games on your PC which runs on Windows OS easily. Moreover, PS3 emulator is a simple gaming software. Also, you can go for configuring all the controls, hold the graphics options over everything. The most notable thing about PS3 emulator is that it enables you to run all the PS3 games, along with PS1 as well as PS2 games. If you have any older versions of the games, then you can use this emulator and play them on your Windows PC successfully.

Play PS3 Games on Windows

Indeed, PS3 emulator comes holding drag and drop option. You can just drop any files of .ISO format easily. Automatically, the games gets loaded. Now, you can play the games on your PC smoothly.

Step-By-Ste Procedure

  1. First, download the PS3 gaming emulator.
  2. Download the BIOS files which are need to run PS3 emulator successfully.
  3. After downloading the above two files, go for extracting them and make sure to copy BIOS folder in the directory of Emulator.
  4. After successfully downloading this specific tool, choose it and double click on it. Run the tool now. You can see a screen on the right side corner.
  5. Select the File >> Open the ROM from DVD of else from Disk.
  6. From these two options, select any of them and choose the file. Your game gets loaded automatically on the Windows PC now.
  7. Open the game and start playing it successfully on your desktop system. Also, there exist number of cheats to complete all the levels easily.
  8. Have a Happy Gaming !!

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