How To Run Windows Apps from Cloud without Installing?

Run Windows Apps from Cloud – Most of you can install any kind of software on Macintosh or Windows platform easily. It may not look like a big deal for your. However, the trick which is available here follows a different procedure. In this article, you can get the process to install as well as run different software from the cloud storage.

Generally, there exist two different kinds of software, such as:

  1. The first kind of software demands for installation.
  2. Whereas, the second software type doesn’t require any kind of installation.

The software which doesn’t require installation process is called as Portable Software. Moreover, you can take them anywhere, then make use of these software without any kind of installation. Using portable software is so easy as well as it’s a time saving technique. On the other hand, you can also just create any kind of Windows Software’s Portable Version easily.

Installing a software on one device and using it sounds good. But what if you switch from one device to other device frequently? Do you go for installing different software on every system you use? So, we suggest you to install any kind of software in the storage space of cloud. Make use of these software on any system directly. The article says about this specific trick. Go through the complete post and get method to Run Windows Apps from Cloud easily.

Run Windows Apps from Cloud

Run Windows Apps from Cloud

Usually, you install any software over system’s hard drive or else system drive, right !! But this particular trick helps you in installing the software over chosen storage area of cloud. After successful installation, make use of the software in your system’s browser. The main advantage of cloud storage is that you no need to carry any kind of software with you. Moreover, you can just make use of it where ever or when ever you want to.

Frankly speaking, about hundred plus useful software is installed already in the storage area of cloud which we are using currently. For creating the potable version of any software, reach the Cameyo official website. It guides you while building portable software version. Also, you can make use of the software which is under public category cloud list without holding any sort of Cameyo official account.

However, you also can search for any kind of software as per your requirement. As of now, it’s possible to verify the Browser, Communication, Media, Security, and so on respective to the categories. In order to sort them, you have to expand a button – App Library which is on the left side, the choose a particular category.

Mostly, you may get the software which is used regularly by different users, such as:

  • Virtual Box
  • Skype
  • Adobe Reader
  • Also, Spotify
  • VLC
  • Firefox
  • Picasa
  • KM Player as well as GOM Player
  • Opera Mini
  • Also, Camtasia Studio
  • 7Zip
  • WinRAR
  • Google Chrome as well as Google Earth
  • OpenOffice
  • Also, Malwarebytes
  • Audacity
  • besides, FormatFactory
  • Team Viewer, and many such other software.

Run Windows Apps from Cloud

Way to Run Windows Apps from Cloud Storage

If you cannot find any software on the cloud, then you can go for installing it on the Cameyo. For this, you need to create an official account. Create a free Cameyo account and then start adding more number of applications. Then, reach the section – Add App. Choose Create new Cameyo Package option. To do so, select the software URL which you want to install on the Cameyo. It should be of size 120 MB to the maximum. Also, you can just upload any application from your desktop system. Indeed, the maximum size should be of 30 MB.

Choose the storage on Cameyo or else connect and make use of Dropbox application as the installation drive. After finishing the process, click on Submit button by choosing either 64 bit or 32 bit.

It takes time for successfully uploading as well as installing any application in your Cameyo account. After successful installation, go to My Apps option to make use of the software.

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