How to Spy Whatsapp Friends Messages, Chats and Activities in Android?

Spy Whatsapp Friends Messages – In this tech world, it’s possible to do anything. Nothing sounds impossible. You can keep track of your friends WhatsApp activities, chat, also messages easily by using different applications. In this article, you can get 4 popular applications which you can make use to spy your friends Whatsapp messages. Also, you can go with Mac Spoofing technique which you can operate directly on your Android Phone. You can just monitor the activities of other users easily by using different spy methods and techniques.

Moreover, these spy apps allow you to read the WhatsApp messages, view pics as well as videos of other WhatsApp users. Also, you can get information on their online timings, several other digital secrets they are carrying. Spying messages as well activities of other users are used in different situations. If a manager want to keep track of his employee’s behavior in the company, then he can go for using spy apps. Also, if a parent wants to monitor his child, then he can view WhatsApp messages, chats, everything. So he can make sure whether his child is safe or not. Go through the complete post and get different applications to spy Whatsapp friends messages.

Spy Whatsapp Friends Messages

Spy Whatsapp Friends Messages on Android

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger applications available on the tech market today. Most of the Smartphone users are making use of WhatsApp to communicate with their family as well as friends. Spying the activities on WhatsApp becomes easily by using different applications. Your device need to have good internet connection to run these different apps successfully.

Before using different spy apps, we suggest you to go through their functionalities as well as features. Just know their actual working over the target Android phone. Spying is not that easy. So carefully read the complete instructions of Spy Applications Software before using them. Also, you can go for checking ratings as well as reviews of a particular spy application on internet. Indeed, there are different fraud companies which mislead you to make more and more profits. However, here, you can get the most reliable spy applications which help you to monitor your friends WhatsApp activities.

Spy Whatsapp Friends Messages

4 Most Popular Spy Applications to track the conversations of your friends

Here’s the list of applications which help you to Spy Whatsapp Friends Messages, Chats, as well as, different Activities successfully. Go through to get information on these best applications here.

Spymaster Application

It’s one of the best economical also equally a good functional spy applications which has become famous in the year 2016 in different regions of Italy. Moreover, it offers one-to-one spy feature on WhatsApp messenger application. With this, you can keep track of your friends messages easily. This is a very simple program to use and innate too.


Mspy is one of the most popular applications available on the tech market to track different phones. Moreover, it’s built exclusively to monitor employees, friends, children, and so on. The application makes use of the latest versions of software which allows you to read the Whatsapp messages of your friends. Also, you can keep track of their phone logs.


It’s one of the powerful monitoring tools available today. Spyrix is a good multi-functional application which keeps track of your friends activities remotely. Also, you can monitor the keyloggers (keystrokes), Skype messages, ICQ, web-surfing data, MSN, social websites activities, as well as, Whatsapp chats of other users easily.


Flexyspy is a great program which keeps tracking all the activities carrying on a phone. You have to install the application on a device which you want to monitor. This specific application records all the activities, such as: calls, messages, email, locations, chats, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, and so on.

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